Storage Solution Insight from Avid

Storage solutions are becoming one of the most integral pieces of equipment for media outlets. Whether it's music or video finding the right storage solution is more important than ever before. With many different options it may seem difficult to decide what device is right for you. Some people prefer something simpler in contrast to the more complicated solutions that can be configured in numerous ways. This article shows what Avid's Audio Solutions Specialist Manager Dave Tyler uses when he's out at conventions demonstrating Avid products.

My work involves demonstrating Avid Artist Suite audio solutions to our customers at trade shows, local events, and to individuals. I travel a lot and need a robust and reliable solution. My previous generation LaCie d2 drive has been with me to trade shows and events in the U.S., Japan, China, Thailand, and Germany. But I’ve recently upgraded to the new 6 TB LaCie d2 Thunderbolt 2 drive with the 128 GB d2 SSD Upgrade, using the drive for my extensive sample library and demo sessions.

I have the two drives formatted as a hybrid drive to give me the best of both worlds: high capacity and high performance. My sample library takes up around 4 TB of the drive, and it’s essential that these samples load as quickly as possible, especially when it’s a full orchestra! I also keep my demo sessions, which can contain up to 500 tracks of audio and HD video, on the same drive....[continue reading]

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