Avid Technology is Driving the Cloud-based Content Creation Revolution

Avid and Microsoft have joined forces to innovate the future of media in the cloud. Find out in the article below how the two company's share a vision and are striving to develop new possibilities for media and content creation through cloud collaboration. From Microsoft Business

Through its MediaCentral platform, Avid offers its customers dynamic capabilities to create, distribute, and monetize content in a collaborative atmosphere that defies time and space. Artists, musicians, and journalists looking for new ways to produce innovative content are now looking to Avid to help usher in a new era of media production and distribution. That’s why Avid is leveraging cloud technology to deliver modern, state-of-the-art services to its customers across the globe. The company is doing so through a strategic partnership with Microsoft.

“We evaluated the biggest names in cloud services, and Microsoft Azure was the clear winner for a multitude of reasons. Microsoft prides itself on being an open company. Azure is an open platform, which makes it easy for our customers to adopt and integrate the platform with aspects of their IT infrastructure,” said Rosica.

Through their partnership with Microsoft, Avid has begun to drive greater innovation through its MediaCentral platform. The platform comes with a comprehensive set of common services and engines that can be shared by everyone and used for everything from connectivity and collaboration, to metadata management and workflow orchestrations, to storage management, security, and system administration. ..[continue reading]

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