Avid Used Your Feedback to Create Media Composer 2019

Not long ago, Avid gave us a taste of Media Composer 2019! It looked fantastic! Relying on user feedback, this new version of Media Composer is a beautiful mixture of the same and the new.

A good teaser to check out.


Say goodbye to the dull / outdated looking interface! But we're used to different looks for different editor programs. Using Avid, especially for those teaching it in schools, is overwhelming. So many buttons. Too many windows. MY GOD! Where to start?

So Avid made something faster and more intuitive while also being modern.

Avid Media Composer 2019 concept art 1
Concept Art

First thing to note is the new color scheme. It's flat. But Avid added a new task orientated work spaces that can see everything you need. Linking up windows, splitting them, adjusting them, has never been easier.

Unless, of course, you want the overlap. Customers also told us that they want to work the way they want to work, so the UI is fully customizable. Not only can you drag, drop, and rearrange the panes of the paneled UI, you can float one or all of them over the top and create a workspace that fits your needs precisely.

Kate Ketchum from Avid

NLE makers made the biggest UI change. Fixing the disorganization we used to see when bins filled was Avid's highest priority. So they were quick to find a solution.

Avid media Composer 2019 concept art 1
Avid media Composer 2019 concept art 2
Layout 2
Avid media Composer 2019 concept art3
Layout 3
Avid media Composer 2019 concept art 4
Layout 4

Better Performance

There were no surprises when customers wanted more speed and efficiency. OP1a wrapping has been fixed. Having to rewrap and reprocess the media, now that power is used elsewhere. This greatly helps the sports broadcasting industry who churn videos out rapidly.

Then come distributing processing.

Say goodbye to long wait times processing high resolution / high frame rated media. Now the GPU and CPU can be dedicated for just processing. Cutting down render time is also possible with the new system.

Use any media

Avid Media Composer is often used for Creating OTT services. Many were moving to other programs to make this possible. Naturally customers wanted to know they were getting the best people for the job with the best products. Avid Media Composer 2019 now can create and deliver SMPTE-complaint simple IMF packages.

We also expanded the capabilities of Media Composer to ensure the content that’s delivered is of the highest quality, starting with the 32-bit full float color pipeline, support for reading Open EXR media, and the expansion of the DNx family to DNxUncompressed 32 bit.

Kate Ketchum

Yet one can still start and end inside Media Composer. Loosing grading or effects is now a thing of the past. And this could also make Avid Media Composer the first editor to join ACES!

IMF Interoperable Master Format

IMF Interoperable Master Format Layout

Creating what you need

Meanwhile requests for a simpler design were abundant. Some companies want to give Media Composer to journalists and people who have never touched an editing program in their life. Being overwhelmed can be easy.

How did Avid balance those who want more and those who want simplified? The answer lays in customization. One company's layout might not work for another. The ground has been covered even on an individual basis the .

Apart from making work easier for the user, role-based deployment allows organizations to reduce training time, because they’re only training on the tools that user needs. They can also turn off access to codecs or permissions that could allow an inexperienced user to create the wrong type of media or put something in the wrong place. Turning off the ability to export for certain roles or individuals can prevent leaks that might diminish the value of an asset.

Kate Ketchum
Avid Media Composer 2019 window
Avid Media Composer 2019 window

Customer Feedback

Avid has always looked to customer feedback for their products. Testing while making changes and suggestions are what they do best. Knowing the users will find bugs and report them only helps Avid make their product better. And in an ever changing editing environment, that is important.

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