Avid Xpress Pro HD

Studio Monthly By Erik Holsinger As computer systems become faster and cheaper, software editing systems continue their NLE market domination. Avid Technology is keeping its rivalry with Apple Computer going with Xpress Pro HD, the latest upgrade to the company’s software-based NLE system. Xpress Pro fans will now find many features they’ve long been asking for finally implemented in this version, along with some impressive new features. As we covered Xpress Pro HD’s Multicam editing capabilities in our August issue, we’ll focus on the other new additions to Xpress Pro HD in this review. In an upcoming review, we’ll look at how Xpress Pro HD integrates into Avid’s Xpress Pro HD Studio Complete suite of applications. Although Xpress Pro isn’t available yet in a Mac OS version, it should be in the near future; I tested the Windows XP Professional version. xpro multicamHD Multicam: Xpress Pro HD can handle multicamera editing, even in high-definition mode. While Xpress Pro HD can only display four streams at one time, it can group over 600 clips together at the same time. read more...

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