Avid Xpress Pro Intel Mac Sneak Preview.

Avid Xpress Insider Blog Xpress Pro Mac BetaNo Beta? No Problem. Sneak Preview Videos Online Now. When we designed the Open Beta Program for Xpress Pro 5.7 we knew we needed a statistically significant pool of testers, but not so many that the whole program would become too large to manage. The answer was to release the Open Beta to customers with a current Avid Support contract. A drag to be sure for non-support customers, but this approach gave us immediate access to a great sampling of testers who’ve already put prior versions of the software through its paces, thus providing a benchmark for the Beta releases. But what about non-support customers! I’ve been cruising our Avid Forums and checking out the conversations of our blogging brethren to confirm what I already suspected. Non-support customers want to give the Beta a spin, poke it, prod it, see if Xpress Pro on Intel Macs is for real or an illusion. While I’d love to drop Beta copies into the hands of all who ask, my bosses would take a dim view of that approach. So instead, I flipped open the laptop, fired up SnapZ and recorded a little quick tour screen capture of 5.7 in action on the Intel Mac. Please check out the results, and let me know what you think. check it out...

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