Avid's Future, 2014 Updates & More

Catch up with David Colantuoni, (pictured here) senior director of product management for Avid. He shares the company's plans for 2014, along with industry trends & his insight on 4K.

QAnything new we can expect to see from Avid this year?

AAs part of our continual commitment to innovation, we’ll be announcing significant new updates to Media Composer for our subscription and annual support plan customers in the coming weeks. We’ll also be announcing the next phase in bringing the Avid Everywhere vision to life at IBC in September.

QWhat are the top 3 key features from Avid's Media Composer?

AAs more content is created with 4K cameras and delivered as HD, editors typically must perform time-consuming transcode and resize operations before true editing can begin. Media Composer 7 eliminates this step by enabling editors to work directly in HD from the high-res source, while maintaining full creative control of image framing:

AMA (Avid Media Access) is an open plugin standard developed by Avid and used by major camera manufacturers. It enables instant access to camera original media and metadata. Media Composer can link and access 4K media through AMA.

The Dynamic Media Folders (DMF) feature allows users to automate AMA media management tasks such as transcoding, copying or consolidating media, and perform them as background tasks - removing what is typically a tedious and time-wasting import process.

The FrameFlex feature enables editors to precisely control which region of their high-resolution media is extracted from 4K media for HD editing output. Using the effect editor, the framing box can be animated over time to pan and zoom across an image. This selective framing allows the editor to focus the viewer’s attention while maintaining the original resolution of the source image. If a customer chooses to finish, the editor can export an AAF and link to the original 4K. read more...

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