Avid’s MediaCentral Will Speed Up Your Collaborative Workflows

From RedShark News Working in a creative cloud has become the new trend for companies to improve their workflow. Especially in a collaborative field, working in a cloud-like network makes it easier for anyone to work and share. The most collaborative field being media, a cloud service built for those fields would be incredibly valuable to implement in your production's workflow. Avid's MediaCentral is that cloud and with a big investment into it's functionality MediaCentral looks to be the premiere cloud collaborative sharing network to date. Including Media Composer and Nexis Storage along with various apps for numerous services and data management, Avid MediaCentral seems to be all you need to produce and collaborate among your projects.

According to Chairman & CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr., Avid has spent half a billion dollars on re-engineering its product for the cloud. He called media and entertainment the most disruptive industry on the planet.

“We’ve not just completed a full transformation, we have created a platform that is flexible and open and agile enough to allow us to move forward.”

The MediaCentral production suite is the company’s centrepiece. It costs from $20,000, includes Media Composer and Nexis storage and has modules and apps for editorial, news, graphics and asset management as well as an array of media services and partner connectors.

Nor is it exclusively an Avid domain. One of those ‘partner connectors’ could be Grass Valley or Adobe, should Premiere be your craft tools of choice.

“MediaCentral delivers a unified view to all media — whether stored on Avid or another platform,” said Hernandez. “The user experience is common for everyone who works in an organisation on any OS and from a tablet or phone and gives a common view into media.” Avid is now rolling out web-based applications like search, edit, logging and publishing....[continue reading]

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