Avoid These 7 Video Mistakes in 2013

by WebVideoCrew

No Strategy

If 2012 saw the boom of video marketing for entrepreneurs and B2B marketers, 2013 may as well see the peak of video marketing success for everyone using it. Will it be your year? There are several ways to ensure that will happen. First, you have to create a solid business and marketing plan. For this, you ought to seriously consider the 25 video marketing statistics we previously shared. Next, you have to avoid as many video mistakes and pitfalls as possible.

What Should You Not Do with Video Marketing?

So, what video mistakes exactly do you need to steer away from?

Mistake #1: No Strategy

Esteemed writer, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, once said, “To be prepared is half the victory.” How do you expect to win your customers and get on top of your niche if you don’t have any plans set in place? Having a video production and marketing strategy helps you in securing your business success. When creating a video marketing strategy, here are some things to remember

  • Always specify your end goals
  • Set a timeline for tasks
  • Check your progress regularly (this applies to the tasks and the results you get)
  • Adjust your marketing plan based on the results and feedback you get as well as trends


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