Emmy-award Editor Exposes His Secret with Avid Media Composer and Titler Pro 2.0

Wim Van den Broeck from Avid explains the parternership with NewBlueFX and Avid which provided Media Composer 8.4 + owners with a free version of Titler Pro. Emmy-award winner Glenn Sakatch discusses his experience working with Titler Pro.

Glenn Sakatch Shares How He Pulls Off the Unexpected with Avid Media Composer and Titler Pro 2.0

titler-pro-004 As an editor, creating striking titles that work well with a scene can be a burden. With all the time video editing already demands, editors can feel overwhelmed perfecting an extra detail. This is why NewBlueFX partnered with Avid to provide Media Composer 8.4+ owners with a free version of Titler Pro (versions 2.0 for perpetual licenses and 2.5 for subscription licenses). Interested in learning what Media Composer users thought, NewBlue asked editors to share their stories. Amongst the stories came Glenn Sakatch, an Emmy-award winning editor, who agreed to discuss his experience working with Titler Pro. Based in Calgary, Canada, Glenn Sakatch has worked in the television industry for more than 25 years. Having started in the industry in 1988 and then becoming an editor in 1995, Sakatch has worked on a wide range of projects for various major networks including ABC, CBC, ESPN, and on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Currently, Sakatch owns a post-production company, Post Office Post Production and is working on a one-hour documentary for CBC’s program, The Nature of Things, as well as a pilot episode for a reality show. Over his many years of experience, Sakatch has become a jack-of-all-trades in the post-production world. “In my own business, I do a bit of everything, from broadcast to corporate, and the basis of my business is editorial and color correction.” With an emphasis in editing, Sakatch has tried multiple editing platforms, but the one he turns to faithfully is Avid. [Continue Reading..]

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