Azden FMX-DSLR Audio Mixer Review

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Unless you want to go the extra step and record to an extra audio recorder, this is a good buy to solve a DSLR camera's audio issues.

Never underestimate the value of audio. Often times the audio is overlooked on a video shoot, yet depending on your project the audio may convey half of the content or more. The new wave of DSLR cameras has revolutionized shooting video in a lot of ways. Indie filmmakers and amateurs alike are now able to achieve a cinematic look on a relatively affordable budget. These cameras however, lack high-end audio to match. The cameras themselves do not come equipped with adequate microphones, and the cameras are limited in their audio inputs. This leaves you with a couple options; use a small mixer, a mic designed for a DSLR, or a separate audio recording device.

Mic, Mixer, or Recorder

Having a mic specifically designed for a DSLR can be the most affordable; nevertheless it is the most limiting and not always the best quality. Though a separate audio recorder might achieve better audio, it would also require double the button pushing during recording and extra work syncing during editing.

Often times, carrying a mixer around with you on a video shoot is not practical or affordable. Azden's FMX-DSLR mini mixer solves that issue. This handy little mixer mounts directly to the bottom of the camera and to the tripod head at the same time, acting as an in-between device to your camera-tripod setup. This is a natural location for the mixer. read more...

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