AZD200UDRFranklin Square, NY - Friday, May 20, 2005 †¢ Responding to the needs of professional videographers, Azden Corporation, the leader in audio solutions for videography, is introducing it's all new 200UPR, a dual-channel, 63-frequency UHF receiver which operates in the 794 - 806MHz band. The 200UPR allows the videographer to record the sound from 2 subjects simultaneously, similarly to Azden's unique WR22-PRO dual-channel VHF receiver. "Having the ability to choose from 63 user-selectable frequencies for each channel is a real boon to video professionals in today's RF-saturated world", stated Azden Sales VP, Wayne Alonso. Available in 3 pre-packaged complete systems, which each include the receiver and 2 mic/transmitters, prices start at $850 MSRP. Users can also purchase the components separately, to make their own combinations. The 200UPR receiver alone has a $450 MSRP. The 200UPR is compatible with all of Azden's current 63-channel mic/transmitters, meaning that videographers already owning a 100, 400, or 500 system can use their current mic/transmitters with the 200UPR receiver. Features of the 200UPR include: Crystal-controlled PLL synthesis and a two-channel 3.5mm -58dB balanced mic-level output jack. Each channel has On/Off switches, LEDs for Power On/Signal Received, group/frequency selectors, and dual high-gain antennas with BNC connectors. Two cables are supplied: a dual-channel 3.5mm-to-twin balanced XLR cable for professional cameras, and a dual-channel 3.5mm mini-to-mini cable for mini DV Cams. A hot-shoe mount is included and is removable. The 200UPR is powered by readily available “AA† batteries (6), giving better than 8 hours of usage. The receiver case is metal, and the dimensions are: 4.13"(W) x 1.38"(H) x 4.13"(D). The 200UPR and the pre-packed systems are available now. Click here for pricing and to order.

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