Basic Training: YouTube - Step by Step

Videomaker by Kyle Cassidy
You TubeEverybody's jumping on the YouTube bandwagon, from cats and kids to vacation travelers and pros. It's fun and it's easy. Here are some quick tips to getting started.
About ten years ago, I was really into the idea of video letters. Many of my friends and family lived in disparate areas of the country, and I always had fun making up videos of my daily routine, editing them down, dubbing them to VHS, sticking them in envelopes, addressing the envelopes and watching them pile up on the table by the door because I hated going to the post office. So envelopes would sit there, unmailed, gathering dust. Then along came the internet to the rescue, with video file-sharing sites like YouTube. Now you can shoot video, edit it and upload it to a central location, where your friends and family (and, if you like, total strangers) can watch it. No postage necessary! YouTube is actually very simple to use, but very often the most difficult part of the journey is the first step. So this month, we're going to walk you, step-by-step, through publishing video content on the world's most popular video-sharing site. read more...

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