BCC Chroma Key Studio

Chroma Key Studio

Chroma Key Studio is one of 28 new filters in Boris Continuum Complete 6 FxPlug for Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express and a fresh addition to the Boris Continuum Chroma Key Unit. Chroma Key Studio builds on the strength of previous BCC keying and compositing tools with features such as a best-of-breed chroma key process, spill suppression, matte choker, and a light wrap compositing step. All four tools are combined in one, easy-to-use filter; there is no need to stack multiple filters to pre and post process video. What’s even better is that all four steps are now implemented in OpenGL for blazing real-time previews and rendering. All necessary keying and compositing steps are executed flawlessly on your graphics card. Let's dive in and see how it's done...

In Final Cut, place a green screen clip in the timeline and apply the BCS Chroma Key Studio filter from BCS Keying category. BCS stands for Boris Continuum Shaders, signifying that all BCS filters are implemented using "shaders" - special code for programmable GPUs.

The first step in using Chromakey Studio is picking the backing color with the eye drop tool. Zooming in on the backing area of the green screen clip we can see that there is a fair amount of noise in the green color but the keyer will have no problem with that. There is no need to pre-process the clip to reduce or remove the uneven luminance. In fact such noise is normal and the keyer is already designed to deal with it. read more...

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