Being Your Own Virtual Studio With Adobe's Ultra CS3

DMN Tutorial by Kevin McAuliffe Ultra CS3How to create a good looking Virtual Set These days, one thing I hear more than anything is "We would like you to produce this corporate video for us. By the way, we pretty much have no budget, so we need to keep costs VERY low." At this point, I'm left to come up with a creative way to give someone something for nothing, which seems to have become my specialty these days, and let me tell you that there's no better program to make something from nothing than Adobe's Ultra CS3. I'm going to show you how to create a good looking Virtual Set that cost me $5 Canadian, and about an hour's worth of work. One thing that I want to mention right off the bat is that Ultra CS3 is a Windows-only product that comes only with the Adobe Production Premium for Windows. I know that most of you must be wondering to yourself, "Why is a Mac guy looking at a Windows only product?" Well, here's why. I am running Ultra CS3 (UCS3) on my Mac via Boot Camp. Another important fact that I want to mention is that I am running UCS3 on Windows Vista Ultimate. read more...

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