The Best Live Streaming Tools for Business Owners

NewTek's TriCaster Mini is highlighted in this article, which looks at live streaming technology fit for small business owners looking to broadcast their live stream content across social media platforms. We would agree, TriCaster Mini's are fantastic high quality systems for live production. Give us a call if you need help choosing the right system for your budget and needs 800-323-2325.
best live streaming for businessesTriCaster, TriCaster Mini, rental TriCaster’s [NewTek, Inc.;] NewTek was well-positioned for the explosion in live streaming video, having a pre-existing business tailored to media producers, prosumer and professional alike. The Tricaster Mini was their response to accessible, low-cost live, especially across social platforms. I say this because it comes in at a lower price point than their other options, and it features connection options that are consumer-friendly, such as HDMI over SDI, and is engineered to be highly mobile. While it isn’t as powerful as higher-end TriCasters from a hardware perspective, the Mini packs a professional punch with the same high-end software and compatibility with other TriCaster accessories, which allows for easy scaling of capabilities....[continue to full article]

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