Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed by We set out with 6 of the most popular models of action cameras in an all-out camera review. Our desire was to uncover the answer to the question "What is the best POV camera on the market?", and at the same time determine the strengths and weaknesses of the cameras being reviewed. The overall performance results were a little surprising to us... Could the GoPro be dethroned? It’s the “Me” generation, and modern action cameras provide transparent windows into the very lifestyles of these individuals. “Check out what I’m doing” seems to be the prevalent theme. Quite a few electronics manufacturers have recognized the vast market for small HD cams. As a result, action cameras have undergone a tremendous shift from the low-resolution bullet cameras of 5 years ago. Today, we have POV cameras that shoot 24p, 4k resolutions, p120 frame rates for overcrank/super slow motion, and a whole lot more. Setting out to find the best action cam, I assembled a collection of mounting points onto my Bonehead Flattop Pro camera helmet. This skydiving helmet is perfect for testing cams in the most demanding situations. On this helmet I have mounted:
  • Sony HDR AS15 (3 ea)
  • GoPro Hero 2 (3 ea)
  • Replay XD (3 ea)
  • JVC Adixxion (1 ea)
  • Drift Innovations HD (1 ea)
  • Contour Roam2 (1 ea)
It’s a total of 12 cameras on top, plus one wrist-mounted for documentation. read more...

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