Best Practices for Archiving, Storage and Backups

G-RAID-famProVideoCoalition (PVC) put together an excellent panel to discuss video storage for That Studio Show. One of the biggest challenges facing video editors today is that we are given so much digital footage and we have to adopt workflows to use and store it as efficiently as possible. Scott Simmons, Matt Jepsen and Jasion Lyons give some really great expert advice. Videoguys recommends G-Tech RAID storage solutions. PVC A discussion that digs into the details around spinning disk, LTO and how long you need to keep your content Not too long ago, Matt Jeppsen laid out how he built a 24TB RAID6 for under $2800, while Scott Simmons put together a Q and A about those hard drive docking stations we all use. Both articles underscore that strategies around backups and storage are becoming more and more important for professionals at every level. Anyone who doesn’t think through and setup a process is setting themselves up for major issues in one way or another. On the latest installment of the PVC edition of That Studio Show, Scott talks with Matt and producer/editor Jason Lyons about storage, hardware and backing up solutions. The guys get into what products and solutions they like the most, their approach when it comes to backing up client footage, the many aspects of stiction, and plenty more.
Here is a partial transcript of that conversation.

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