Best practices for Importing Media Files into TriCaster

I know many people have questions on best practices for what media files formats to create for use in TriCaster. This document should help with this question and give you step by step workflows with major applications. From NewTek With the multitude of different media file formats and codecs available in the industry, it is not hard to understand why there are so many questions around what is considered the ‘best’ format for the playback of video clips on TriCaster®. While TriCaster can playback many different formats, that doesn’t mean that all media formats are equal. Clips you make can have different needs. In some cases, just video playback is all that is needed while in other cases features like an alpha channel might be required. This document will help you figure out what are the best settings to use for media creation should be. Workflows are included for many popular applications along with suggestions for video clips specs and general operation. Using this guide should help you create media that looks good and plays without issue for live productions. This guide focusses mainly on high definition media creation, but the same rules apply to 4K/UHD video as well... read more

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