Beyond REMI: Wireless Connectivity and the Cloud

REMI (REMote Integration) sports production, is a trend for covering live sporting events, that requires less equipment. This method is enabled by a robust and affordable telecommunications equipment. recently released an article on the method.

Enabled by robust and affordable telecommunications capabilities from the stadium/arena, the camera (and microphone) signals are sent back to the central production center, integrated with graphics, replays, effects and b-roll materials. Usually a small utility truck is sent to the remote site, with cameras and microphones as well as video encoders.

This type of production is used mainly in college and professional sports, as well as smaller productions with 1-5 cameras.


REMI also still uses first- class a grade cameras and gear. Some sports productions still demand a high bar for the team covering them. In these cases, well trained operators are required for these productions.

This method has inspired a new type of live sports production- that doesn't require a central production facility. This type of live production can be done anywhere with a solid IP internet connection.

Hard-wired cameras and microphones can now be replaced with virtual production. Companies like Sony can use wireless connectivity from cameras to a cloud based production space. This means less wires and less heavy equipment.

Sports productions can even be produced via tablet, laptop, or even a smartphone. This is because control points can be augmented with multiple monitors, audio speakers and headsets.

There is less of a need for a professional producer, video feeds can be outsourced from fans present at the event, who share their content via socials media.

Variations of Virtual Production

Sony is not the only name in virtual production. Many other companies promote cloud based products that can be used in the same method.

Teradek's VIdiU or CUBE can be used for connecting cameras via cellular bonding. Teradek also features a live production solution called Live: Air Action.

The NewTek TriCaster is also a mainstay in the industry- and has been used for years to repackage and provide alternative coverage in live productions. NewTek also developed an IP video networking environment called NDI- allowing IP cameras inerconnection with third party equiptment.

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