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G-TechIt’s been a very eventful year so far for G-Technologies, the maker of the award winning external storage solutions for video producers. Back in January, at Mac World, it was officially announced that Fabrik had acquired G-Tech. Fabrik is a leading provider of innovative storage, memory and next generation online services. What does this mean for G-Tech storage users and fans? Most importantly, the company now has significantly better financial strength and purchasing power. Over the past year product shortages have been common and this has impacted the availability of new product lines like the breakthrough G-SPEED eS series. Fabrik is committed to the G-Tech brand and product line. Over the next year we can expect the same great products and service that fueled G-Tech’s recent growth as well as some exciting new products that will define a completely new segment of the creative pro market.

We are already seeing the benefits of the Fabrik acquisition! We have two major announcements for you! Â

1) New lower prices on the award winning G-RAID 2 family of external storage solutions for video. Over the past few years G-RAIDs have become the de facto standard in video editing. Regardless of your platform (PC or Mac) or the video editing software you use (Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 / Production Premium CS3, Apple Final Cut Pro 6/ Final Cut Studio 2, Avid Express Pro / Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro 8, Pinnacle/Avid Liquid 7, Grass Valley Edius Pro / Broadcast, or consumer level editors from Pinnacle, Adobe, Ulead, Sony and others), G-RAIDs are the perfect external storage solution. Just how low are the new prices – check out this list – and yes we have plenty of stock!

  • G-RAID 2 - 500GB - $329.95
  • G- RAID 2 - 1 Terabyte (1,000GB) - $499.95
  • G- RAID 2 - 1.5 Terabyte (1,500GB) - $699.95
  • G- RAID 2 - 2 Terabyte (2,000GB) - $1,050.00

2) G-Tech G-SPEED eS are in STOCK!! The G-Tech G-SPEED is a top-notch storage solution for video editing – especially if you are going to be editing HD footage. G-SPEED eS gives you all the throughput you need for the most demanding SD or HD video work, including complex long-format projects. Even more importantly the flexible RAID configuration allows you to select a RAID5 configuration for redundancy.

G-SPEED eS is a complete storage solution. It consists of an external drive array, special eSata controller card and Browser-Based RAID Configuration and Management. This winning combination of technology gives you a screaming fast storage solution with flexible configurations to meet even the most demanding video editing needs. The best part is that it doesn't require you to buy an expensive and difficult to configure SCSI or FibreChannel controller card. The PCIe card is a snap to install on a Mac or Windows machine, and you can purchase additional storage units that can be daisy chained as needed. We have the following G-SPEED eS configurations available for immediate delivery!

  • G-SPEED eS PCIe 2 Terabyte (2,000GB) $1,429.00
  • G-SPEED eS PCIe 3 Terabyte (3,000GB) $1,899.00
  • G-SPEED eS PCIe 4 Terabyte (4,000GB) $2,850.00

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