Biggest Announcements in VR from NAB 2017

Award winning videographer, Jourdan Aldredge, wrote this piece for Premium Beat regarding the future of Virtual Reality Technology and the influence of .

NAB 2017: The Future of VR Technology Is Looking Bright

NAB 2017 Virtual Reality Technology was big at NAB 2017. Let’s check out some of the latest news and biggest announcements in VR The lights of NAB 2017 may have dimmed, but the future of virtual reality is looking bright as ever. In addition to developments from some familiar brands like Facebook and Google, VR technologies advancements extended into live action capture and playback, NLE editing plug-ins, and groundbreaking VR audio recording. Let’s review some of the big announcements, updates, and breakthroughs that you may have missed at NAB 2017

Lucid’s 4K 3D Live Production Camera

NAB 2017

Lucid VR’s new LucidCam is the “first and only 4K 3D VR live production camera” that is “versatile enough to mount on a tripod or fit into your pocket.” The camera enables live-streaming to your phone or VR headset within seconds. Coupled with its small size, this creates a world of possibilities in terms of mounting and attaching the cam to drones.
Mettle and Facebook Bring New Plug-ins to Adobe Software Facebook and Mettle teamed up to unveil new plug-ins for editing 360/VR footage in Premiere Pro and After Effects. The plug-ins are tailored for Facebook 360/VR and you can easily apply them to your footage for optimized results. This will enable better movement and advanced controls across the board. Yi Technology and Google Announce $17,000 3D VR Camera Not to be outdone by their billion-dollar tech rivals, Google counteracts Facebook by teaming up with Yi Technology to create a highly ambitious (and expensive) 4k 3D-360 degree Yi Halo. The Yi Halo features sixteen spherically aligned 4k action cameras (plus a few extra facing upwards). Unfortunately, the Yi Halo will cost upwards 0f $17,000, so we’ll see how well it does before we refinance a mortgage to get one. Read the full article here!

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