BirdDog 4K Family Offers Next Level NDI Tools

It's time to take a look at the amazing BirdDog 4K Family! BirdDog's been working on these ever since their releasing their HD NDI products. Like their other units, these are built on their custom NDI silicon chip which sits in an aircraft grade aluminum case. 

Features range from 12G SDI and HDMI 2.0 I/O's, built in cross converters, SFP+ port for 10GbE connections, loop outs, audio systems, NDI tallies, and more. But probably their best aspect is it's integration with BirdDog Comms Pro and Central Pro NDI apps! 

Encode & Decode in the Same Unit!

These will support 4Kp60, all other HD resolutions, and work as an I/O unit. 


Every SDI connection on the 4K line will be 12G! This includes all four connectors on the 4K Quad. HDMI are 2.0 for maximum capability with sources and their destinations. 

SFO+ for 10GbE

This allows for all ranges of connections over fiber. This also support Ethernt protocols from 1GbE - 10Gbe!

Tally Light

BirdDog's tally system is in the units. These will work automatically once the camera goes live giving you a light easily viewable from a distance. 

Cross Convert

All these products are corss converters. All the the 12G SDI inputs can be looped to the HDMI 2.0 port and visa versa. 

PTZ Options

BirDog offers an optional USB to Ethernet dongle to help control PTZ cameras which are NDI, NDI|HX, and Visca over IP. 


RESTful APi is a free BirdDog app that can program custom automation for all BirdDog hardware, endpoints, and even cameras!

Adaptive Bit Rat

Full NDI can vary the bit rate. Normally BirdDog says 140mbs for HD streaming (AKA 6 streams per 10GbE). In 4K the number is natually higher at around 300Mbps (AKA 3 stream with some leeway to allow for some spikes). Now it's easy to select the bit rate needed that best fits your network. 

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