BirdDog A200 Outdoor All Weather PTZ In Action!

Kristian Shepherd , Co-Founder of BigVoice Media Group shares his BirdDog success story. Shepard used the BirdDog all-weather A200 PTZ camera and the BirdDog P200 PTZ camera to stream the Australian Swimming Championships live to Amazon Prime. The total production had 12 running cameras, out of the 12, 3 were the BirdDog Eyes P200's and 3 A200's. According to Shepherd, the A200's were the key camera in making the stream successful. Check out the success story below. 


"With the Image quality plus the rain wiper, anti-fog and water resistance, the A200’s ticked all the boxes we were looking for when approaching this type of outdoor production”
Kristian Shepherd



"The Advantage of having so many feeds as NDI sources on our network allowed us to easily route and create multivews and destinations rather than traditionally using Baseband SDI routers to achieve the same result."
Kristian Shepherd


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