BirdDog Announces NDI® 5 Support Across All Hardware Products

Earlier this week ND 5 was announced, which lead to a big announcment from BirdDog. NDI® 5 features 

  • NDI® Bridge – transport complete NDI streams over LAN, WAN or public internet
  • NDI® Audio Direct – making audio-over-IP easily available for software-based audio applications
  • NDI® Remote – simply add remote guests to your productions.
  •  Billions of devices NDI® enabled through support for ARM
  •  New Reliable UDP transmission protocol
  •  New network interface management for NDI
  • Simple private NDI® network set-up
  •  Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in improvements
  •  All-new Final Cut Pro plug-in
  • New NDI® Tools quick launcher with step by step setup guides

With this big exciting news, BirdDog announced that NDI® 5 will  be supported across all hardware products including Flex Family, 4K Family, Studio NDI, Mini, all PTZ Camera models. They even announced two new products! 

BirdDog welcomes BirdDog PLAY and BirdDog Cloud Connect to their impressive product line. 

BirdDog Play
BirdDog Play is a brand-new hardware device designed as a low-cost NDI receiver to allow NDI to be distributed at scale. Harnessing the latest advances in NDI 5 supporting ARM processors, Play is the world’s lowest cost NDI hardware, retailing at $149.00.

BirdDog Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect builds on NDI® 5 and the current generation of BirdDog Cloud to allow fully flexible and instantaneous access to any of your video sources anywhere in the world. Cloud Connect is an application suite that is available for the following platforms:

  • iPhone
  • iPadOS
  • tvOS (AppleTV)
  • Android
  • Android Tablet
  • AndroidTV
  • Chromebook

These applications once installed can be associated with your organisation’s BirdDog Cloud account. You can publish any NDI® source to the Cloud Connect platform and instantly view it remotely on any device. Browsing and viewing the video sources is super easy with Cloud Connect’s rich UI. 

Learn more about the exciting news here

Learn more about BirdDog here


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