BirdDog CamControl 3.0 Is Here! Videoguys Live

Today's Videoguys Live Webinar is all about BirdDog's newest firmware update which makes their PTZ Cameras compatible with their free Cam Control 3.0 software.  This software provides some great control and color correction tools, but most importantly, it adds auto tracking to your existing NDI BirdDog PTZ Camera, absolutely free!

Check out the full webinar, including a Cam Control 3.0 Auto Tracking Demo, Below.

BirdDog Cam Control 3.0:

This free software includes the following features to elevate your BirdDog Production.

  • Auto Tracking using either Facial or Body recognition
  • 4 Cameras per software instance
  • Ability to run multiple instances of Cam Control
  • Resizable window with up to 4K monitor support

In con-junction with Cam Control 3,0 BirdDog have also released firmware updates for all cameras and PTZ Keyboard and all are immediately available.  You can always download the latest firmware for any of your BirdDog NDI Devices at their website, HERE.

Auto Tracking is an Example of How Things Become More Powerful.

​At Videoguys, we said that 2020 was the year we made live streaming work, when mass adoption was sped up exponentially, and everybody needed to start streaming.  

If 2020 was when we made it work, 2021 was the year we make streaming look better, work better, and easier to use. This was the year that technology adapted to the mass adoption that took place the year earlier.  

In 2022 the live streaming industry takes it a step further by making technology work remotely, collaboratively, and making it more powerful.  Adding auto tracking to BirdDog Cameras is certainly an example of taking a technology that is already working for a lot of use cases, and making it even more powerful to accommodate even more workflows, and make your live streaming projects better. 

How Do I Update my BirdDog Camera to include Cam Control 3.0 and Auto Tracking?

The process of updating your BirdDog camera includes three steps.  It is quick and easy, but must be followed carefully. 

Check out our tutorial of how to perform this update, Below.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Download the latest firmware HERE.

Download Cam Control HERE.

How to Use Auto Tracking with BirdDog Cam Control 3.0: 

Once you have downloaded the BirdDog CamControl Software to your computer, setup is as easy as any simple NDI setup.

  • Select your cameras NDI Feed
  • Position your camera to your desired starting point
  • Make sure your subject is in clear view, and turn tracking "On"
  • Select what you would like to track: Including Face, Body, or a wider view.  This will vary based on how close you would like the zoom to be to your subject
  • Adjustments and limitations can be set under "Tracking Settings" if necessary.

Auto Tracking Videoguys Tech Tip #1: Auto Tracking is Best for Single Speakers in Clear View

This is a great solution for those getting started with auto tracking.  Adding multiple speakers, speakers on a stage, or speakers in low light will require further customization, and possibly a separate solution.

Auto Tracking Videoguys Tech Tip #2: Avoid using auto tracking on MOST virtual sets

2D Virtual sets are often not keyframed to the subject.  This means that while the auto tracking will follow your speaker, your virtual set background will not move with the camera. 

BirdDog Production Videoguys Tech Tip #3: More free software upgrades are available with BirdDog Color Tools

BirdDog's free color tools are included in their Web UI and allow you to fine tune every aspect of your cameras picture.

  • Perfect for color matching between multiple cameras
  • Quickly adjust your camera picture and set presets according to any lighting, making this a perfect solution for outdoor or natural light streaming

Cam Control 3.0 and Auto Tracking is Available for any BirdDog Camera

Check out this chart comparing BirdDog Cameras, to get more information on which camera is right for your production.

The BirdDog Eyes P100​ Is now the Most Affordable NDI Auto Tracking​ PTZ Camera

  • Cam Control is now available for free with a firmware update
  • 10x Zoom
  • Perfect for lecture capture and smaller NDI productions
  • This camera comes in at $1,699, which makes it the most affordable NDI auto tracking camera available. 

Learn more about the P100 HERE.

P100 with Auto Tracking is Perfect for Multiple Productions

P100 is a great entry level into numerous auto tracking applications including small classrooms, or lecture capture scenarios.  it is also an excellent option for small churches and/or corporate videos taking place in a boardroom during a presentation. ​

Cam Control is also Available ​for BirdDog P200 PTZ Camera

P200's larger zoom and better image sensor makes it a great step up!

  • Cam control is available with a free firmware upgrade
  • 30x Zoom
  • Full NDI
  • Great for largest scale NDI auto tracking productions
  • This camera comes in at $2,995 with making it a solid option as a step up for your auto tracking workflow. 

 Learn more about the P200 HERE.

P200 with Auto Tracking is Perfect for: 

The P200 is a step up for NDI auto tracking situations including larger houses of worship and higher ed.  College or university level lecture capture can be covered by the P200, as well as staging environments with low light. 

Cam Control is Available for BirdDog P4K PTZ Camera 

The P4K unlocks auto tracking in 4K workflows to mix and match with cinema cameras

  • Perfect to mix with cinema cameras
  • Perfect for higher end stage productions like a Broadway show

Learn more about the P4K HERE.

Auto tracking in 4K can also be done with the BirdDog P400, which you can check out HERE.

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Download the Latest BirdDog Firmware HERE.

Download Cam Control 3.0 HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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