BirdDog Central Pro - Now Available

BirdDog Central is a new software, sure to redefine what it means to drive content to a TV screen. BirdDog has teamed Central with NDI technology to allow you to feed video sources to any BirdDog Studio or Mini.

Check out this video about BirdDog Central Below.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE

Major Features of Central Pro

  1. Route an NDI source to a BirdDog Hardware Decoder in only three clicks.
  2. Create groups of hardware decoders in only two clicks.
  3. Route and NDI source to a group of decoders in only three clicks.

Free Demo

BirdDog has made an unwatermarked free trial, which can be downloaded at:

This windows ten app is easy to use, and a great tool for your workflow.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE

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