BirdDog Cloud 3.0 Launched at IBC 2022 - NDI Remote Delivery and Management

At IBC 2022, BirdDog announced the launch of BirdDog Cloud 3.0! BirdDog Cloud 3.0 is the next generation of BirdDog’s globally connected advanced media platform, is the fastest and easiest way to expand outside your local network to distribute your content to anywhere in the world.

At its core Cloud 3.0 harnesses BirdDog’s specialized transport engine, a highly reliable and scalable media pipeline, delivering all the benefits and security of SRT, augmented with deep control layers for PTZ and metadata, and multi camera synchronization support.

Some key features include...

• NDI & JPEG XS over SRT
• SDI capture
• New Mac version with M1 and M2 acceleration
• Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android apps
• PTZ control
• Record files at both send and receive sides
• BirdDog TURN
• Super low latency
• Beautiful new interface

BirdDog Cloud 3.0 will be available in October 2022..

Check out the full article here!

Learn more about BirdDog here!

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