BirdDog Flex 4K Family are the World's Smallest NDI Converters!

BirdDog has recently launched their brand new Flex 4K family. The world's smallest NDI converters! Flex delivers everything you have come to expect from BirdDog’s one cable solution including Tally, Audio, Video, PTZ Control, Audio Intercom and Power along a single Ethernet cable. BirdDog's family of Flex has 3 models to choose from.  The Flex In, Out, and Backpack

MediaCast TV's Tech Specialist, Larry talks about the Flex 4K In and Backpack in one of their latest videos. 


"The Flex is truly an awesome product as it packs a lot of punch in a small form factor. Imagine transmitting your video signal power and more all in single cable."

MediaCast TV


Check out the video on YouTube here 

Learn more about BirdDog here 

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