BirdDog Flex 4K NDI In & Backpack for Streaming

The powerful BirdDog 4K NDI Flex family of products are making a splash on the streaming world. YouTuber EposVox recently reviews the BirdDog Flex In and Flex Backpack. 

"BirdDog's latest NDI offering is the new Flex 4K Family - the 4K NDI In, 4K NDI out, and 4K Backpack. These provide a small, portable, single-purpose 4K NDI solution, which can be incredibly convenient, but do come with their own limitations compared to their bigger BirdDog NDI Studio product."



"This little box right here might not look like much, but it is an exciting little product for streamers, content creators, broadcasters, show producers, what have you, that I did not expect to enjoy so much. This is the BirdDog 4K NDI Flex"

Check out his review on YouTube here

Learn more about BirdDog here


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