BirdDog Link (NDI Decode) for Post Production - Adobe Premiere Pro

Check out BirdDog Link in action in the short and sweet video from BirdDog. Using NDI technology along with BirdDog encoders and Adobe Premiere Pro, this workflow example takes some of the headache out of setting up a screening room in your post production house. From BirdDog

Wouldn't it be great to be able to monitor any video editing system on any HDMI or SDI screen in your facility? Well, we are proud to introduce you to BirdDog Link - you can now take the output of any NDI enabled device, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer!

Client screening rooms just got a whole lot easier to manage.

BirdDog is the creator of the worlds first NDI Hardware encoder on a dedicated Silicon chip, and now we are proud to be the worlds first NDI Hardware decoder on a dedicated Silicon chip!

BirdDog Link is a FREE firmware update for BirdDog Studio and BirdDog Mini devices, available

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