BirdDog Mini & NDI Workflow White Paper

Columbia criminal defense attorney Jennifer Bukowsky is steering the Federalist Society- Jefferson City Lawyers Chapter.

With this new endeavor, comes a live political commentary show called "The Jennifer Bukowsky Show".

The show is streamed to several social media destinations live. Its a multi-camera production produced in a television studio.

To advise her on the best way to broadcast the show, Jennifer enlisted Stream Dudes- John Basile and Kris Lang. Together, they devised the best way to streamline all of the production elements into a single broadcast package while remaining cost effective. This means, a streamlined NDI workflow.

Enlisting NewTek NDI technology, the team was able to deliver broadcast quality video with very low latency. And the device of choice? The BirdDog Mini.

“We had the choice, of course, to go with traditional SDI gear but we chose NDI because IP video is the future; plus we saved the client a ton of money and gave them a much more flexible workflow. Once we chose NDI, the BirdDog Mini was the only way to go to bring the live camera feeds into the NDI ecosystem.”

Kris Lang, CEO, Stream Dudes. “

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