BirdDog Mini Uses NDI To Power Esports Event

With the release of Black Ops 4, we are sure to be seeing plenty of high quality eSports content at a professional level. One company, Gamereactor is using BirdDog's NDI workflows to create this content.

Check out this video posted by BirdDog about the games release and the resulting game play content below.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE

“We had the option of going old school, and buying a bunch of SDI converters, converting all those HDMI signals to SDI and then get up a more powerful computer to handle it. But clearly the best option was to embrace the future and go with NDI®; which is what we did. We teamed up with BirdDog and put one BirdDog Mini on each of the consoles, and one on the camera, which then fed into an Ethernet router, allowing a single Ethernet cable to come info our vMix machine with all our NDI® sources. This saved a lot of headaches.”

Dori Halldorsson, of Gamereactor

Learn more about BirdDog HERE

Check out the full article from BirdDog HERE

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