BirdDog NDI and WebRTC Cloud Workflow Tutorial

Millicast is a technology built on WebRTC which enables interactive live streaming applications. Millicast pairs great with BirdDog Cloud to expand coverage and communication for video producers from anywhere in the world.

Millicast’s YouTube channel has a wide collection of videos explaining how different technology can be paired with Millicast to elevate a live production. Their latest video with BirdDog cloud helps users send NDI sources as WebRTC with the power of BirdDog.

Check out the video, below.

In this demo we will show how you can easily distribute your NDI content through Millicast’s WebRTC platform to millions of viewers, anywhere in the world, with less than a second of latency.
BirdDog’s wide range of encoders and cameras makes connectivity, creativity, and control of your video easier than ever by capturing live video and audio using NDI over your existing network infrastructure.
BirdDog Cloud allows users to instantly and remotely access any NDI enabled device for remote production from anywhere in the world.
But users have needed a way to broadcast those remotely produced streams in real-time, with less than a second of latency, to millions of concurrent viewers without compromising on quality.
That need has led to a partnership and technology integration between BirdDog and Millicast that enables the use of NDI with WebRTC.


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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