Birddog NDI Workflow User Story

The BirdDog Eyes P100 is a great camera for live sports production, and it is being implemented more and more across the industry to improve productions across the board. This NDI PTZ Camera has smooth, and quick movements, terrific image quality, and a tremendous amount of power to help capture the action.

PictureImage is a leading broadcast consulting firm in London that is taking full advantage of the power of P100 for broadcasting, and designing their broadcast studios.

“LOFC needed a high-quality system but also needed to stay within a budget. NDI, vMix, and BirdDog P100 cameras made for the perfect solution.”

-Chris Pearman, Founder of Pictureimage

Combining the P100 with NDI technology, and software systems like vMix allow for more efficient studio workflows as well, allowing creators to make content quickly and efficiently, while still preserving the highest quality. 

PictureImage as also taken into account the effect of Covid-19 and social distancing requirements in their workflow, another reason a PTZ camera like the P100 with programable presets are perfect for many of today's workflows.  

“This is where NDI and the BirdDog cameras provide the ultimate flexibility. We just run a single ethernet cable to the other room and can have that coming into the master control room super easily. If we need to move this around it’s super simple compared to an old school baseband video set up”

-Chris Pearman

Check out this article from BirdDog to learn more. 

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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