BirdDog NDI Workflows Help Creators Save Money

Network Device Interface, known as NDI, has made a huge impact in the industry when NewTek introduced it in 2016. NDI is a high performance standard that allows anyone to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks.

NDI harnesses the power of Software, Computers, and Networks to make video creation and sharing accessible and fun for millions, helping fuel the software defined visual storytelling revolution. NDI makes video a standard part of every computer network, from common IT implementations to mobile environments and has changed the picture- giving everyone access to easy-to-use, high-quality video using the equipment they have today.

BirdDog saw the difference NDI can make to video workflows and brought a unique contribution to the table when NDI came to the industry. BirdDog is dedicated to simplifying your transition from baseband video to IP workflows such as NDI. Over the years, BirdDog has helped live streamers, houses of worship, educational facilities, and more implemnt NDI to their workflows and helped them save money in the long run. Eamon Drew, CMO of BridDog spoke with Gigabit Media and says "NDI reduces the set up and pull down times, and gives enormous flexibility beyond baseband video workflows." 

NDI helps cut costs on live production workflows. “[NDI] allowed content producers to be able to have multi-camera shoots while maintaining social distancing,” Drew says. “The ability to set up multiple PTZs and control them all using preset positions also allowed for a dramatic reduction of crew needed, further increasing the safety of a shoot.”

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