BirdDog now giving 5-Year Warranty for P and X Series Cameras

BirdDog has recently announced 5-year global warranty on all their P-Series and X-Series PTZ Cameras purchased on or after March 1st, 2023. Content+ Technology covered the news and says "As a pioneer in the video and camera technology industry, BirdDog understands the importance of reliable equipment that stands the test of time. The extension of the warranty coverage reflects the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality products and ensuring customers have the best possible experience with BirdDog cameras."

The 5-year warranty applies to the following cameras

"We could not be more pleased to be able to offer our customers this new 5 year global warranty. We really do appreciate our customers and trust this will give them additional peace of mind when choosing BirdDog cameras."
Eamon Drew, BirdDog CMO


Check out the article covering the news here!

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