BirdDog P110 and P120 PTZ Cams make a great 1st impression!

BirdDog  recently announced their new additions to their line of PTZ cameras, the P110 and P120. Church Production says "Calling them feature-rich would be an understatement. In addition to BirdDog's Central Lite NDI routing and management platform, customers also receive the company's Cam Control monitoring and color control system, and Comms Pro, a five-user production intercom program."

The P110 (10x optical zoom) and P120 (20x optical zoom) offers a variety of frame rates at 1080P, 1080i, and 720P. It outpus multiple flavours of NDI including Full NDI®, NDI®|HX2, and HX3, as well as other options including SRT, h.264, and Cloud Connect. It aslo houses a Sony Exmor R back-illuminated sensor and BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon.

Pair the P110 and P120 with BirdDog software for ultimate streaming solution. 

"With NDI support, including NDI 5, the P110/120 offers an incredibly easy setup with control software to simplify the user experience. In addition to offering free versions of their user software applications Central Lite, Comms Lite, and Cam Control, BirdDog also allows houses of worship to access Central Pro and Comms Pro for free."
Church Production

The P110 and P120 are available in black and white and in stock now at

Check out the full article on here!

Learn more about BirdDog here!

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