Birddog P120 Unboxing Video

Gadgets Pod recently posted a YouTube video of them unboxing and giving an overview the new BridDog P120 PTZ Camera. In this video, they take you through the unboxing process of the BirdDog P120 Camera, a high-performance PTZ camera designed for professional video production and seamless meetings.

Join them as they open the box and explore the contents, including the camera itself, accessories, and unique features. Witness the sleek design and attention to detail that BirdDog is known for, as we showcase the 20x optical zoom lens, Sony Exmor R™ sensor, and the innovative 360° Mohawk Tally for easy camera identification.

They also highlight the removable silicon numbers, LED screen, and the practicality of the Fixed Mounting Holes, Tripod mounting holes, and Base DIP Switch located on the camera’s underside. Throughout the video, they provide detailed information and demonstrations of the BirdDog P120 Camera’s features, giving you an insight into its capabilities and potential applications.

P110 and P120 set a new benchmark in format support, connection flexibility, and picture quality, with excellent lowlight performance. Housing a Sony Exmor R back-illuminated sensor and BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon, P110 & P120 offer four output options including NDI®, SDI, HDMI for live production work, and UVC USB for connecting to Zoom & Teams. Output multiple flavours of NDI® including Full NDI®, NDI®|HX2, and HX3, as well as other options including SRT, h.264, and Cloud Connect. It even supports FreeD output for AR/VR workflows. There’s also an OLED display to show the IP address, 360° degree mohawk tally, filter thread, and free Auto-Tracking available. And yes, the cameras support NDI® 5 natively.

Watch the full video below:

0:00 – Introduction
0:10 – Unboxing the BirdDog P120 Camera
1:23 – Exploring the Accessories
2:25 – Exploring the BirDog P120 Camera
2:34 – BirDog P120: Camera design
3:16 – BirDog P120: Lens and Sensor
3:34 – BirDog P120: OLED Display Screen
4:04 – BirDog P120: Ports & Connectivity options
4:24 – BirDog P120: Mohawk Tally
4:41 – BirDog P120: Camera Numbering System-SIlicon Number Inserts
4:57 – BirDog P120: Camera Mounting Options
5:25 – BirDog P120: Conclusion and Teaser for Upcoming Testing and Demo Videos

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