Birddog P200 and A200 PTZ Cams in Action

BirdDog's P200 and A200 are some of the most versatile and high quality PTZ cameras available today, that fit into multiple workflows. The P200 has found a home in many live video settings including sports with its smooth movements, and SONY sensor. The A200 is an excellent camera for outdoor productions, as it is fully weather proof.

Check out this video from BirdDog covering how the A200 and P200 were used to stream Australian Swimming Championships to Amazon Prime.

"Kristian Sheperd, co-founder of BigVoice Media Group, talks through how his production company used the all-weather A200, and the workhouse P200, to stream the Australian Swimming Championships live to Amazon Prime. Spoiler alert - the A200 was a savior in the rain!"

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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