BirdDog P200 PTZ Cameras and Epiphan Pearl NDI Workflows

Jake Maxwell, Multi-Media Specialist at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center shares how NDI technology,  BirdDog P200 PTZ Cameras, BirdDog Studio NDI Converters, and the Epiphan Pearl helped him stream major events. Maxwell says once they started picking up more live streaming, they picked up the need for NDI and PTZ Cameras. That's where BirdDog came in.  Check out Maxwell going over his workflow below. 


"Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is Australia's premier event centre and has gone BIG on NDI workflows. Jake Maxwell from MCEC, walks us through how they use NDI technology, BirdDog P200 NDI PTZ cameras, and Epiphan Pearl for streaming their live events, as well as using BirdDog Studio NDI for transmitting and receiving video around their event centre."


Learn more about BirdDog here

Check out the video on YouTube here!


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