BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras for streaming and recording

The Fish Society has been providing a wide range of fresh fish for 25 years, and with the help of BirdDog's P200 PTZ camera they are able to branch out to a whole new audience. During the pandemic, The Fish Society saw the rise in home-cooking videos on YouTube and TikTok. They wanted to build a studio kitchen and make 'how-to' content for their audience. 

Flipside AV helped build their studio kitchen, equipped with three BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras.

"The team wanted a premium system with cameras used for recording and streaming live content, and after going through various options, we mapped out a solution that was right for them. When they mentioned MasterChef as their inspiration, I had a feeling there would be a technical challenge that can often happen in a separated studio kitchen. But I think we mapped it out just right with the camera and mic positioning to get some good footage – it’s a proper broadcast set-up."

James Cooper, 
Flipside managing director

 "The main objective was for the space to feel authentic, so that when viewers watched, they felt comfortable – like they could easily achieve this recipe at home. We got a lot of inspiration from MasterChef – the way in which they did their filming is how we want to engage our audience. But we don’t want it to feel as sterile as that. We want our content to feel trendy and fresh."

Amy Birse, The Fish Society’s marketing content manager

Along side their PTZ cameras, Flipside also installed two sub-miniature wireless Audio-Technica 892 headset microphones to be attached to the on-screen chef, Audio-Technica shotgun mics have been placed on either side of the kitchen, and a large diaphragm XY microphone. Audio was important for The Fish Society to capture. Amy Birse says, "I became obsessed with the recent Lurpak butter adverts. The sizzle, the chop, the flames – I wanted to make sure we got all that drama into our videos. These mics are going to be great for that, as not only do they capture the energy from the cooking, but also our tone of voice and our brand as a whole.”

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