BirdDog P200 PTZ NDI Camera Unboxing

The image quality of the BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras are best in the class. The P200 30x optical zoom, full NDI cameras are designed for the most demanding on image quality. The P200 is perfect for sports, broadcast, live event production, IMAG, education, and more. That's why Acoustic Nations was excited to unbox their 3 BirdDog P200 PTZ cameras.

"Look! Our new robotic cameras arrived, The BirdDog P200s; branded the world’s best full NDI production camera with Sony CMOS backlit sensor and image module. Join us for the unboxing...

They're pretty new to the market, but if you've managed to get your hands on some then please leave a comment below and tell us how you found them. Do you love them? Do you loath them? Hopefully the former!"




Check out the video on YouTube here!

Learn more about BirdDog here!


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