BirdDog P200 PTZ used for NCAA March Madness Press Conferences

Hammond Communications has delivered over 500 press conferences using the BirdDog P200 PTZ Camera to keep up with the NCAA’s Covid Guidelines. The cameras were valuable tools for interviews, and press coverage, while the robotic motion in the camera helped maintain social distancing without sacrificing quality.

This workflow was put to use during March Madness, and the end result can be seen in the video, below.

Operation for the press conferences themselves were done in a media production room, while interviews were conducted in "interview pods".  This was done to maintain the guidelines imposed from social distancing, while still allowing the NCAA's March Madness Bubble to still be produced in high quality.  With the power of NDI, BirdDog P200 cameras can be controlled from anywhere on a network throughout a facility.  

"Hammond Communications chose the BirdDog P200 after consulting with Prusik Media and finding their success with UFC’s Watch Party and the support delivered by the BirdDog Team. The BirdDog P200, is a full NDI 1080p60 PTZ camera that combines BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon chip, 30x optical zoom, and Sony backlit sensor and image module. The P200 allows for simultaneous live SDI, HDMI, and full NDI outputs."

Multiple output methods were also done to bring this workflow to screen.  NDI was output from some P200s for remote control, and monitoring via NDI Studio Monitor.  SDI was also used for 1080i59.94 media distribution and recording.  This all allowed not only for remote control, but for smaller gear to be brought in and moved between each conference room, and meant video could be taken from the P200's and brought into Zoom press conferences.  

Check out this article from to learn more.  

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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