BirdDog Webinar with Dan Miall for NDI November

Dan Miall is the CEO at BirdDog in Australia.  BirdDog was founded in Melbourne Australia and is dedicated to making live production easier with advancements in NDI technology. 

During this NDI November webinar, host, Gary Bettan is joined by Dan Miall to discuss the timeline and history of NDI, and how BirdDog has played a major part in it's development.  

Check out the Webinar Below

BirdDog Firsts:

When it comes to NDI, BirdDog is responsible for a ton of industry firsts that paved the way for better development of NDI technology. We discuss a great amount of these firsts in our webinar, and have listed them below.  

NDI Chip:

BirdDog, first and foremost, was the first company to put NDI into a dedicated silicon chip, making their approach to NDI completely unique.  

"Think of this in the same way as AJA, Atomos, etc put ProRes into a dedicated silicon chip."


First NDI Converter:

BirdDog's flagship product- the BirdDog Studio NDI remains a popular NDI converter to this day.  The BirdDog Studio is capable of converting SDI and HDMI to NDI, and includes tally light and power over ethernet.  

BirdDog released the Studio NDI in 2017, with the BirdDog Mini following it in 2018. 

First Full NDI Cameras:

Another major milestone for BirdDog was the development of their full NDI family of PTZ cameras including the BirdDog Eyes P100 and P200.  These cameras come with a full Sony CMOS sensor, and are the only PTZ cameras that currently support full NDI over NDI|HX. 

First Outdoor NDI PTZ Cameras:

In addition to the first full NDI PTZ cameras, BirdDog also rolled out the A200 and A300, which are full NDI cameras perfect for live sports production.  These cameras are weather proof, and include defogging features to ensure a clear image. 

First NDI PTZ Controller:

BirdDog also released their NDI PTZ Controller, which fits perfectly into NDI workflows featuring any of the BirdDog PTZ Cameras.  

Full NDI 4K Cameras:

BirdDog is also responsible for the first full NDI 4K PTZ Cameras with the BirdDog P4K and P400.

BirdDog Software:

BirdDog has also created a large host of software including BirdDog Comms, BirdDog Cloud and BirdDog Central.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.


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