Birddog, WebRTC & NDI case study

Millcast has been streaming live beach volley ball games throughout the pandemic and sending the feeds directly to Amazon Prime and NBC. They realized they needed truly high end great quality PTZ Cameras to get the job done right. Who did they go with?

They chose BirdDog! 

What they needed

Millcast and BirdDog were chosen to fill a gap that was desperately needed as the pandemic grew. People still wanted to watch their sports, in this case Volleyball. They needed high quality, low latency IP cameras. 

AVP is a pro volleyball team that is considered one of the best in the world! The Pandemic forced them to postpone their operations like it did for so many other people in the sports industry. 

But come July, they came back with a bang! They hosted 3 events on Long Beach, CA. But there were no fans there. They wanted to broadcast live to reach those fans and work around the stay at home order. 

What did they did

They turned to Millcast and BirdDog's PTZ Cameras that utilize NDI for great quality, low latency video. Now they can get great angles and mix multiple feeds all at once. 


All of their BirdDog PTZ Cameras are being controlled remotely through the power of NDI! What does this mean? No operators on set keeping in line with California's stay at home order.  

Editors gain access via WebRTC media protocol. Currently, WebRTC is the fastest protocol out there for real time editing from a remote location. 

The editors mix the volleyball game remotely, they control the BirdDog cameras remotely, and all within a second of each other. THIS IS THE NEW STANDARD FOR SPORTS PRODUCTION! 

“We have a really great group who have worked around the clock to make this happen. It has been a journey, but everyone has come together, and we’re excited to bring this to the fans.” - Josh Glazebrook, AVP Creative Director

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