BirdDog's NDI Tools Bring Immense Value to your Live Production!

BirdDog has a wide variety of NDI tools and software to help you bring immense value to your live NDI based production. Check out this episode of "Learn it with Larry", which goes in depth with BirdDog products.

Learn it with Larry - S02E03: Welcome to our final episode for our Season 2!

Let Larry guide you through some nifty NDI Tools that are available from BirdDog, an Australia- based company dedicated to all things NDI.

Larry gives you a glimpse of amazing software like
- NDI Multiview
- Cam Control
- Central
- Comms

All of these add incredible value to your workflow and streamlines communication, monitoring, and control on different aspects of your Live Production.



Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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