Blackmagic Design Intensity HDMI Capture Card

Videomaker by John Burkhart
IntensityIntense Video, Small Size HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the newest signal standard and connector for High Definition Video. There's a lot to like about it: uncompressed digital HD video and audio travel down one easy cable connection, practically all new HD displays (well, any new HD display worth considering, anyhow) have HDMI support, and more and more camcorder manufacturers are including HDMI ports on their new HD models.
Blackmagic Design has seen this trend coming and released a video capture and display card with HDMI connectors, called Intensity. The card itself is in a deceptively small and simple package that belies the card's HD power. It plugs into a PC or Intel Mac with a PCI Express slot and has only two connectors, HDMI In and HDMI Out.

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