Blend Modes with Filters in Avid Xpress Pro on Tiger

StudioMonthly Tutorial by Tim Wilson Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Avid Technology blendBlend modes produce dramatic looks, but they’re processing intensive. By harnessing the power of the Tiger OS and your computer’s graphics card (GPU), Avid provides real-time compositing power! STEP 1: Apply filters to clips and sequences The easiest way to begin is to drop any of the more than 80 Noise Industries plug-in filters (bundled with Noise’s standalone Factory Floor app in Xpress Pro as "Factory Tools") onto a video or still image clip, or — a very cool Avid technique — onto any blank track above the sequence you’d like to affect. Filter a whole sequence in one stroke! Even better, you can build your own custom filters, or customize existing ones, with this same OS-level technology. I’ll show you how to add an advanced compositing tool to your Avid real-time animated blend modes. read more...

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