Blog: The future of post — one man’s vision

postperspective by Lucas Wilson

Content is exploding, yet production and post production is crumbling. Those two statements put together make no sense if you’re stuck thinking about the market in the terms we all grew up with.

The world of tentpoles and episodic television is doing what markets do: maturing, automating, and flowing to the lowest cost centers. That will not change or reverse course. Finance… Steel… Automotive… Fabric/Clothing… this is not a new or unpredictable course of events. Many artists increasingly fall into the bucket of what economist Andrew McAfee calls “routine cognitive workers”). And as the technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, McAfee correctly states, “…you don’t need to work as much, as hard, with as many people, to get the fruits of the economy.”

If you’re an artist or a company and still attaching yourself to that model of working, the future is bleak.

I look at the current post production universe, and see no one that has gone out and taken the next logical step: creating a division of business that understands how to create a unified presentation that ties into how the new world of content works. Programmatic buying, DSP and SSP platforms, Auction markets, native ad integration, analytics on paid/owned/earned social media, etc.

Companies like YuMe, Nanigans, and Tremor Video understand that side, but they don’t focus at all on the production and post world. The long-established large post houses understand production and post, but start talking to them about building a multi-tier delivery platform that incorporates things like synchronized and intelligent multi-screen delivery, leveraging analytics and feedback from realtime social media and feeding that back into the content stream, and there is a lot of silence. read more...

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