Blogger Terry White on Using Telestream Screenflow for Video Tutorials

If you are interested in capturing your screen for tutorials or other videos, this is a great article from an experienced screencaster. Telestream's Screenflow software is ideal for creating high-quality demos, gamecasts, tutorials, video training, and dynamic presentations. Get it here.

Q Hey Terry, what software do you use to record your video/tutorials? A. Telestream Screenflow

terry-white-screenflow-blogI get this question at least 2-3 times a week: “Hey Terry, I really like your video/tutorials what software do you use to record them?” The answer is Screenflow by Telestream. I’ve been using this software to record my Adobe Creative Cloud TV Podcast for a couple of years now and from time to time I even use it to record product demos. After the intro, which was created with Adobe After Effects the first thing that usually catches people’s eye is the image of me in the corner while the computer display is large and angled off to the side. This is a native feature of Screenflow and was one of the reasons I settled on it a couple of years ago. Over the years Telestream has continued to bolster the feature set making it pretty much a total solution for not only recording, but editing and distributing screen recordings. While Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my video editor of choice, I find that I can do the simple edits I need to do for my episodes right in Screenflow...[continue reading]

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